Historical information

The Kew Bowling Club was formed in 1880 and merged with Auburn Heights Recreation Club in 1998. In addition to the unnamed members of the teams, the following individuals are profiled on the item. The background of these men has been identified by John Torpey as follows: BRADSHAW William Henry, grocer, 6 Cotham Road, Kew & 33 Prospect Hill Road, Camberwell - CARNEGIE J Lewis, merchant, Studley Avenue, Kew [Carnegie & Sons, piano & organ importers 106 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne] - CLARKE Charles, warehouseman, 35 Queen Street, Kew - EDGAR Robert McCutcheon, 215 High Street, Kew - FINLAYSON John Marshall, solicitor, 178 Cotham Road, Kew - GREEN Charles Henry, clerk, 81 Wellington Street, Kew - GREENHILL F snr [not found] - GREENHILL Thomas jnr, traveller, High Street south, Kew - HAMBLETON Lincoln, civil servant, 32 Coleridge Street, Kew - HANDBURY John, manufacturer, 55 Walpole street, Kew - JELLIS Thomas G, baker, Princess Street, Kew - LILBURN William Hugh solicitor, Denmark Street, Kew - MANSFIELD Allan, plumber, 150 Cotham Road, Kew [S&McD] or 21 Belmont Avenue, Kew [Electoral Roll 1909] - NATHAN Simeon, warehouseman, 59 Sackville Street, Kew - NIVEN Henry N, 192 Barkers Road, Kew [FW Niven & Co 40-42 Flinders Street, Melbourne, printers & lithographers] - SIMONTON Alan Thompson, dairyman, Belmont Avenue, Kew - SINUCH WC [not known – bottom right of frame] - SWINBURNE George [see Australian Dictionary of Biography] - TREDENNICK William, civil servant 285 Tennyson Street, Kew - WENTWORTH William Dalton, painter, 5 Derrick Street, Kew - WOOLLARD Thomas, civil servant, Hildebrand Crescent, Hawthorn - WOOLLARD Walter Herbert, builder, 35 Disraeli Street, Kew [Sources: Sands & McDougall directories, Electoral Roll 1909]


The photographic collage is historically important as it includes rare photographs of local identities, many of whom were significant civic actors statewide.

Physical description

Large photo collage created by Barroni & Co (Melb) of team, player and official portraits of members of the Kew Bowling Club. At one stage the item was in a drawer in a map cupboard, fractured into multiple pieces. The items were later assembled some years ago Graham Lindsay and framed in 2021 for exhibition by John Torpey.

Inscriptions & markings

"Kew Bowling Club / Season 1908-9 / Runners up for pennant and for Championship Rink / Office bearers of Club and Members of Pennant and Champion Rink Teams".