Historical information

This ball was possibly made by Corporal C. McMullen during WWI. McMullen made footballs for the Australian Imperial Force, all of which were hand stitched. He made the original ball for the 1916 Australian Rules exhibition match held in London and watched by 3000 spectators. McMullen's balls were called "The AIF Ball", indicating that this might be one of them. The inscription "Match .II." suggests it was used for a later match.


The provenance of this object is unknown, but it was potentially made by Corporal C. McMullen for use in an AIF exhibition match. If so, it is a highly significant piece of sporting memorabilia, and holds national significance as an object that tells the early evolution of Australian Rules Football and the importance of sport to the armed forces.

Physical description

Brown leather football, deflated. Stitched together. Four leather threads at top of ball. Has stencil painted markings on both top sections.

Inscriptions & markings