Historical information

Milk Bottles Recovery Ltd began production in Melbourne in 1930. Its head office was located at 48 Market Street, Melbourne. It supplied milk bottles to dairies throughout metropolitan Melbourne, and possibly Victoria. It ended production in the 1950s. Smaller Kew dairies without their own named bottles, would have sourced bottles from a statewide provider such as Milk Bottles Recovery Ltd.


Kew was a major milk producing district in the Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries, with three major dairy farms lining the Yarra between Studley Park in the west and Burke Road in the east. In addition to these dairy producers, there were also a number of accredited dairy retailers in the suburb. The largest and most enduring of these was the Model Dairy founded by the Kew pioneer James Venn Morgan. Milk bottles that include the name of the producer or retailer are historically significant as they represent a period in Kew's history before the mass production of milk in the second half of the Twentieth Century. A number of these named bottles have the additional attribute of rarity.

Physical description

Milk bottle - Milk Bottles Recovery Ltd.

Inscriptions & markings

Pressed inscription: "Milk. One Pint. This bottle belongs to Milk Bottles Recovery Ltd and cannot be used with out written permission.