Historical information

1934 was the year that Victoria celebrated the European settlement of Victoria. Events were planned through Victoria. In Kew a children's picnic was planned. The following newspaper report records what happened:

Owing to rain the picnic which the Kew Centenary celebrations committee had arranged for children resident in the municipality, which was to have taken place at Victoria Park yesterday, had to be postponed. The organisers decided to forward to the various schools the luncheons which had been prepared for the children and hurriedly made arrangements for their entertainment at a picture theatre. Needless to say the theatre was crowded to capacity, in addition to special pictures a punch and judy show was provided and a number of aborigines who are in Melbourne for the Centenary gave, exhibitions of native dances and corroborees. The trophies for the sports events are to do competed for at a later date.
(The Age, 3 Nov 1934, p. 24)


Local ephemera deriving from the event

Physical description

Two tickets to a Children's Centenary Picnic including a buffet luncheon in Victoria Park. The event commemorated the settlement at Melbourne in 1833. The event occurred on 1/11/34. The tickets were donated by Joy Stewart in 1980.

Inscriptions & markings

City of Kew / Children's Centenary Picnic / Victoria Park 2/11/34 / Buffet Luncheon (in central marquee) / Available 12.45 - 2.30 p.m. / Admit 1.