Historical information

This Honour Shield was the work of the school Sloyd pupils and Head Teacher. The honour book written by the Head Teacher Mr Thomas Kidman contains the names of 14 past students of Docker's Plains Primary School who served during the First World War. Handwritten summary of service pertaining to each past student including Nurse Alice M BYRNE who served in Egypt and France.


Honour Board in the shape of a shield and carved from timber originally made by the Sloyd students and head teacher of Docker's Plains State School in 1921. The Honour Board centrally houses a casket with glass door containing a velvet covered book containing the names of 14 past students who served during World War 1. When the school closed in the 1940's resident were invited the take items and William Richardson, brother of Private Leslie George Richardson who died in June 1916 from meningitis prior to embarkation, chose the shield and framed photograph collection which his mother contributed to. After William died in 1964 and his wife in 1977 their daughter Clarice and husband Jim Tobias took on guardianship prior to donating to the RSL in 2003.

Physical description

An honour board in the shape of a shield ornamental carved ornamental from wood featuring a glass faced casket mounted in the centre,

Inscriptions & markings

Our Boys

Docker's Plains
Honor Book