A framed collection of their photographs was donated by Mrs. J.B. Richardson. These were unveiled in a special ceremony at the school on the 17th October 1921. Also in 1921 an Avenue of Honour of gum trees was planted by schoolchildren and residents, along both sides of the Boorahaman road in front of the school.
I do not know the exact date most of these trees remain.
When the school was closed in 1949, local residents were invited to remove what ever they fancied, so Mr W.B. Richardson chose the two above mentioned items.
After the death of both parents - last one in 1977 - Clarice Tobias and her Husband Jim took care of the shield and the photo`s.
During 2002 the photo`s were presented to Wangaratta R.S.L. Sub/Branch,

Physical description

Timber frame with ornate edging containing 12 oval framed photographs of men in uniform with writing above and below.

Inscriptions & markings

At top - State School No 1962 Roll of Honour
Below - August 1914 - June 1916
The following soldiers are depicted from top left to right: Pte S Grossman, Pte S Plum, Pte W Byrne, Pte C Smith, Pte B Cummins, Pte H Perkins, Pte F Perkins, Pte A Perkins, Pte A C McDonald, Pte F Vonarx, Pte T Frasca, Pte G Richardson (centre)