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From the Collection of Wangaratta RSL Sub Branch 2-4 Templeton Street Wangaratta Victoria

Black and white photograph of Australian Soldiers in front of arched columns with large dome building in background.
16.5cm W x 11.5 cm H
Object Registration
domeof the rock, jerusalem
Historical information
A group of Australian soldiers being photographed outside "The Dome of the Rock" shrine in Jerusalem. During the Second World War, Palestine was under a British mandate and Australian and New Zealand soldiers were back helping the British army to stop the Germans from capturing Egypt and the Suez Canal. They fought alongside several Palestinian brigades enlisted into the British Army under The Palestine Regiment.
When Made
World famous "Dome of the Rock", site of the ancient temple of Solomon and now a Muslim shrine. During the 7th century it served as a testament to the power of the new faith of Islam. The Dome of the Rock is one of the earliest surviving buildings from the Islamic world. This remarkable building is not a mosque, as is commonly assumed and scholars still debate its original function and meaning.
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5 Apr 2019 at 3:35PM