Historical information

The Sailors and Soldiers Fathers' Association was established in the First World War and appears to have had branches in most states. The group was active (and often outspoken), involving themselves with hospital visits, repatriation issues, employment of returned servicemen and the establishment of returned servicemen’s rights relating to principles such as pensions and housing. There appears to be a close co-operation between this group and the Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Australia in forming a group with strong lobbying abilities. Similarly, they were active in raising funds to build Memorials after the war. The Association remained active after the First World War in pursuing returned soldiers’ rights. They appear under a slightly different name during the Second World War (Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen’s Fathers' Association) but their goals were identical........


The Sailors and Soldiers Fathers' Association, established during the First World War, was active in fundraising, establishing memorials and advocacy for issues such as the repatriation and employment of returned servicemen. The group worked closely with the Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Australia, now known as the RSL.

Physical description

Round bronze and enamel badge badge with blue circular border enclosing a white and red diamond. Crown on top.

Inscriptions & markings

In white border: "Sailors & soldiers Assoc.n of Vict."
In red diamond: "Fathers"
On back: "167 / Stokes Melb."