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Educational Resource - Cuisenaire

From the Collection of Kew Historical Society Inc 1 Civic Drive Kew Victoria

Cuisenaire rods with booklet and box, wood / metal / paper, made by the Cuisenaire Company, Australia, 1965-1980. This object consists of a sheet metal box, containing 10 compartments, each with a single size of wooden blocks in different colours. The shortest block is 1 cm long, next 2 cm, etc., longest is 10 cm long. It was made in Australia by the Cuisenaire Company of Australia. These wooden number rods were invented by Belgium school teacher Georges Cuisenaire, who wrote a book about them in 1952 (Les Nombres en couleurs).
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cuisenaire, educational toys
Made By
Cuisenaire Company Australia (Maker)
Last updated
17 Mar 2018 at 10:08AM