Historical information

The photograph was taken at an Ithacan picnic held at Mentone Racecourse in 1935. Members of the IPS Committee are pictured with their families together with two official guests, Father Theophylaktos Papathanasopoulos from the Melbourne Orthodox Parish, and Father Timotheos Evangelimides, the Archbishop of the Greek Church in Australia, both pictured standing in the centre of the group. Vicki Raftopoulos(Black) is seated 3rd from the left and Arthur Raftopoulos is standing 3rd from right and Stathi Trohoulas is standing far right.


Melbourne's first Greek Orthodox Church 'Evangelismos' in Victoria Parade East Melbourne was consecrated in 1901. Ithacans, as members of the Greek Orthodox Community, were directly involved in its establishment. A.J.Lucas the founding president of the Ithacan Philanthropic Society was one of a number of prominent Greeks who advanced funds to help with the purchase of the East Melbourne site upon which the church was built. The building of the church was financed through the contributions of funds from the local Greek community.

Physical description

A black and white photograph mounted on grey board of a picnic group sitting and standing around a table set out with food and drinks under trees. A bus is parked and just visible behind the group.

Inscriptions & markings

Detail of the people in the photograph and other information is written in Greek on the back of the pghotograph.