Historical information

Ithaca House located at 329 Elizabeth Street Melbourne has been the site of the clubrooms of the Ithacan Philanthropic Society since 1958. Over the decades the club rooms have served as a meeting place and a venue for many social, cultural and fundraising activities. Prior to the building of Ithaca House, the clubrooms been located at Michael's Building, corner Lonsdale and Elizabeth Streets since 1917.


In 1956, the Ithacans of Melbourne purchased a site, formerly two shops, at 329-335 Elizabeth Street for £35,000, with a view to building their own club rooms. A three storey building, a stone's throw from the old Michael's clubrooms, was finally erected in 1958 at a cost of £25,000. This was achieved by capital raising from the membership in the form of non-redeemable £10 and £50 debentures (1957-58).

Plans were drawn up by the Australian born and newly qualified Ithacan architect, Nicholas Sofarnos (Sofianos). The then President Eustathios (Stathis) Vlassopoulos was key driver of the project.

Physical description

A colour photograph of the front upper stories of Ithaca House