Historical information

The Independant order of Rechabites "Hope of Australia Tent No. 109" was formed in Harcourt in July 1869 and celebrated its centenary in 1969. With a strong -minded core of Methodists and members of the Church of Christ the group provided moral leadership and social framework to a wide area for a long time. At first they met in a small hall but, the lodge having inflamed partisan passions, the hall was deliberately burnt down in 1877. Undeterred the Lodge rebuilt the hall in the same year and thus provided the only district public hall. The Hall was sold by the lodge in 1937.


; The Independent order of Rechabites, a temperance and social organsiation, was particularly strong in the Harcourt, Barkers Creek district, due to the high proportion of Methodists in the population, a demographic phenomenon resulting from the courage, prevalence and influence of Wesleyan lay preachers on the Mount Alexander Goldfields.

Physical description

Ribbon/collar sashes,white, with red longitudinal stripe (Chief Ruler & Deputy Ruler only) and red border, red machine embroidery, angle stitched at lower front to form a fitted collar.

Inscriptions & markings

"CHIEF RULER"," DEPUTY RULER", "TREASURER", "GUARDIAN", "LEVITE" plus IOR triangle - "Truth, Fortitude, Justice" plus three heraldic shields with background foliage, Plus "Independant Order of Rechabites" plus a further decorative sheild surmounting a swage-like motto " Peace & Plenty the reward of Temperance" and "Rechabites Salford Unity" all in red on white background