Historical information

The owner was Rita Fletcher; many locals and relatives inscribed their autographs , drew or painted pictures and , using their best calligraphy, wrote up humorous verses. In addition the book includes news clippings on the sensation of the day, the story “Will you be my woolly aphid?” which tells of a Harcourt youth who put a marriage proposal in a barrel of apples consigned to England. On receipt in England the note was published in the press The unfortunate youth received many hundreds of acceptances and became the butt of humorous verse in the English and Castlemaine newspapers.


This volume is a treasury of autographs , humorous verse then fashionable and the repository of a funny yarn from pre-WW1.It appears to have been handed around the entire district and includes verses, signatures and sketches from nearly all of the inhabitants of Harcourt, Elphinstone and Canary island districts

Physical description

A red leather bound autograph book with gold letter and design on the cover. Gold leaf edges, coloured pages with gold decoration. Autographs, sketches, watercolour paintings, press clippings

Inscriptions & markings

Autograph Album