Historical information

This photo dates from circa 1896. It depicts Mrs Sarah Ann Milford, then aged 65, in a buggy somewhere in Castlemaine. Mrs Milford is holding the reins in gloved hands, having driven five miles into town from her home on the Faraday Road, Harcourt. The journey would have taken about one hour. Mrs. Milford together with her farmer/orchardist husband, worked an extensive orchard/farm, Here she is depicted having delivered apples, butter and vegetables from her family orchard to Castlemaine market. Mrs Milford is wearing a strictly tailored 'must fit snug everywhere' jacket with shoulder cape, very full sleeves, closely buttoned bodice, high neckline and rather severe collar. The skirt was separate , of lined brown twill cotton, pocket at side back. A buggy rug is strapped across her knees. The buggy rug was lined with yellow and black figured damask.


Despite the masculine-oriented property laws and society norms many Victorian women were active partners in their family business. The photo is a good record of the fashions, transport and capabilities of this pioneer.

Physical description

Sepia photograph of a woman dressed in Victorian fashion, seated in a covered four wheel buggy.The horse is equipped with light buggy harness and wearing a buggy bridle.