Historical information

State school children in the famous orchard district of Harcourt were expected to learn apple packing to a high standard, with instruction given by Dept of Agriculture specialist teachers, Classes were conducted at Harcourt Cooperative Coolstores during school hours.The pupils were expected to (and did) travel between school and packing shed by their own means without supervision..Pupils participated in state wide competitions .


Shows the extent to which vocational training in a specialized subject could be taken to support the Apple Industry of Harcourt. The decoration/artwork of the shield is to a very high standard

Physical description

A wooden shield with metal adornments.

Inscriptions & markings

A banner is at the top with "Gerrard Challenge Shield", a central metal shield shaped plaque shows a box of apples surrounded by trees and many boxed apples in the background. Below that is a banner with " District Championship for Schools Apple Packing Classes. Below that (at the bottom) is a smaller plaque with "Competitors to be pupils & attending school children's Apple Packing Classes." "Conducted by the Department of Agriculture." On the left side are three smaller shields for the years 1934 to 1936 awarded to Castlemaine the three shields on the right are blank.