Historical information

A 'BUCKEYE" grape and cider press, manufactured by P.P. Mast & Co. of Springfield, Ohio, USA and distributed by P. Rohs, Sandhurst (Bendigo). The PP Mast Company was established in 1854. Their Buckeye drills, seeders and other implements played an important role in the development of American farm machinery, being sold in every American state, Europe and Australia. This press was used by the Gaasch family of Harcourt over several generations from 1898 to crush grapes for wine and vinegar making, subsequently to crush apples and then press the pulp to make apple vinegar and cider. The crushing was accompanied by lusty singing of songs and hymns such as 'Ein Feste Burg ist unter Gott'. The press was designed to be hand-operated but was later used by Harcourt Coolstores to press apples. It was then belt-driven by an electric motor. The press was restored (timber cleaned and varnished, metal shoes on base of wooden uprights, which had rotted ) by Mr. Howard Carr, 2001-


An early application of mechanics to the crushing of grapes.

Physical description

Hand-driven, geared drive metal crushing parts, with metal flywheel, wooden feed hopper in vertical arrangement, wooden frame, tray and vat, with metal pressing screw installed in heavy metal yoke at front. Metal crushing section carries cast-in maker's name and patent details

Inscriptions & markings

'BUCKEYE" manufactured by P.P. Mast & Co. of Springfield, Ohio, USA distributed by P. Rohs, Sandhurst (Bendigo).