Historical information

Book published by Shell Oil Company advocating use of spray to control all orchard pests & diseases. Shell Oil Co was very active in promotion of its products in Harcourt during the 1950s. The book was regarded as a good handbook guide to diseases of apples and pears.


The orchardists of Harcourt, sole traders and hardy pioneers, took more notice of the spray retailers than they did of the Dept of Agriculture, with field days and film nights organized by the Shell Oil Co being a primary source of knowledge about the prevention of orchard pests and diseases. Of course Shell advocated the use of che,mical spray to control all orchard pests and diseases. After the publication of the book ‘Silent Spring’ by Rachel Carson the orchardists turned to different methods, e.g. orchard hygiene, resistant rootstocks, biological control and quarantine and followed a minimal spray regime. .

Physical description

brown cardboard-covered book of 144 pages with coloured illustrations

Inscriptions & markings

Shell Corporation Melbourne