Historical information

The reproduction print is of artwork depicting 'old' Vathi. Vathi is the main town and the largest settlement on the island of Ithaca in Greece, possibly established during the period of Venetian rule. The town resembles an amphitheatre, built around the coastline of one of the most natural ports of Greece. Many of the old buildings were destroyed in the catastrophic earthquakes of 1953. The length of the port is 926 m. with an entrance of 300 m. in width. It was once the main port for ferries transporting goods and people to and from the mainland. Ferries now dock at Piso Aetos. In the summer the harbour of Vathi is filled with sailing boats and yachts.


During the periods of Venetian (c1500 - 1797) and English (1809 - 1864) rule, the population of Vathi grew significantly, reaching a total of 5,000 residents. During this period Vathi became an important centre for trade and commerce, political activities and legal proceedings.

Physical description

A black and white drawing of the harbour of Vathi . The drawing has a white surround.

Inscriptions & markings

Printed in Italian across the top of the drawing: LUDRO LITTORICO
Printed in Italian underneath the drawing: VISTA DE VATHI IN ITACA