Historical information

Used by Ron Robins for delivery of eggs (30 dozen per box) to the agents for the Victorian Egg Marketing Board, in this case Soding Bros , succeeded by Sympag and Crystal Ice Works, initially to premises at 64 Mostyn St, Castlemaine (now Saffs Cafe) later to premises at south-west corner of Calder Hwy and Lockwood Road, Kangaroo Flat (now Aldi supermarket).Made obsolete by use of trolleys holding 360 dozen eggs, handled into refrigerated transport by a hydraulic tailgate loader. Original label specifies that the eggs are ; infertile; unwashed; not damp cleaned; of specified yolk colour; held at 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit and delivered within 96 hours of lay.Significance During the 1950s and 1960s many folk in Harcourt conducted poultry farms of varying sizes, utilising boxes of this type. Harcourt thus became a major producer in the Victorian egg industry. Smaller-scale operations were wiped out when the producers were expected to hold eggs in a coolroom.


Illustrates one aspect of the multi-faceted streams of income open to local landowners who conducted an orchard, bred pigs, raised fowls for egg production and kept a few cows for cream production.

Physical description

Wooden box with detachable wooden lid, two internal compartments and a galvanised holder for a card on which the producer has signed a declaration as the condition and handling of the contents.

Inscriptions & markings

Property of Soding Bros, Melbourne