Historical information

Published by Dept. of Agriculture Division of Horticulture Victoria. Harcourt district exported immense quantities of apples and pears, each box containing fruit that had been sized (by diameter) so as to have uniform-sized fruit in the box, wrapped in tissue paper, all packed base- or stem-end against the cheek of its neigbouring piece, to restrict movement/bruising of the apples in transit. A colourful label on the end of the box had a space to insert the size and count, i.e. the number of pieces of fruit in the box. If the packer followed the chart the count was determined from the chart by reference to the diameter of the fruit as it came off the grader.


Harcourt’s reputation for quality fruit was enhanced by the ability to deliver uniform-sized blemish-free and unbruised fruit which then attained premium prices in the market, contributing to the prosperity of the district. The packing chart was a vital aid In order to achieve this.

Physical description

Chart- two-sided black text on white paper pasted to backing board depicting columns and figures describing the required measurements for packing Rome Beauty Apples and Granny Smith Apples.
1 x pink foolscap card with black type, 1 x green foolscap card, 1 x yellow double sided foolscap card

Inscriptions & markings

Packing Chart for Rome Beauty Apples in Friday Moulded Trays Telescopic Carton Inside Measurements 19 3/4" x 11 7/8" x 11 1/2". W. H. Harris Senior Fruit Packing Instructor August 1968. The same wording appears on the opposite side of chart with the words Granny Smith apples replacing Rome Beauty Apples