Historical information

William Eagle was a pioneer orchardist in Harcourt, who brought a dray load of apple seedlings to Harcourt from Watmough’s orchard, Greensborough in 1857 to launch the industry for which Harcourt has become famous. By 1872 his orchard, in Reservoir Road, Harcourt, was fully in bearing.


A reminder that Harcourt orchards came into prominence within 15 years of establishment and Harcourt Apples have taken a pre-eminent position in the State’s horticulture industry ever since.

Physical description

Certificate describing the winner of the Collection of Apples category. Beautiful Certificate displays Castlemaine Agricultural and Horticultural emblem as well as various pictures of aspects of agricultural and horticultural pursuits.

Inscriptions & markings

Agricultural and Horticultural Society of Castlemaine Exhibition November 1872, Certificate of Merit for Collection of Apples, Exhibited by Wm Eagle,President W Halford, Secretary J Collings