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Subdivision Plan - Thornton Estate

From the Collection of Kew Historical Society Inc Level 1, Kew Court House 188 High Street Kew Victoria

The ‘Thornton Estate’ was the final subdivision of ‘Thornton’ in Studley Park Road. Thomas Cubitt Balmain originally owned Thornton, next to John Carson’s ‘Clutha’. Before its final subdivision, the Thomson family owned it. The Estate was a subdivision of 15 residential allotments running between Studley Park Road and Stevenson Street. The allotments faced these streets as well as Thornton Street, which the vendor undertook to make. Contemporary newspaper advertisements advised that ‘The estate possesses many advantages, notably its private and secluded, though convenient, position, splendid frontages and depths, and being close to the electric tram and Kew train, also within easy walking distance of the Victoria-street cable tram’. The terms offered purchasers were ten per cent deposit, with the balance to be paid in ten equal half-yearly payments at a rate of 5 per cent.
H 400 mm x H 210 mm
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subdivision plans - kew, thornton estate
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