Historical information

The Kew Historical Society collection includes almost 100 subdivision plans pertaining to suburbs of the City of Melbourne. Most of these are of Kew, Kew East or Studley Park, although a smaller number are plans of Camberwell, Deepdene, Balwyn and Hawthorn. It is believed that the majority of the plans were gifted to the Society by persons connected with the real estate firm - J. R. Mathers and McMillan, 136 Cotham Road, Kew. The Plans in the collection are rarely in pristine form, being working plans on which the agent would write notes and record lots sold and the prices of these. The subdivision plans are historically significant examples of the growth of urban Melbourne from the beginning of the 20th Century up until the 1980s. A number of the plans are double-sided and often include a photograph on the reverse. A number of the latter are by noted photographers such as J.E. Barnes.

Physical description

The so-called Camberwell Mountain View Estate was a subdivision on ‘the corner [of] Burke Road, Eyre and Wills Streets, Deepdene’. The Estate was not the first attempt to subdivide this land holding. In 1884, 1888 and 1894 the Belmore Park subdivision proposed 18 allotments for this parcel of land. The final stages of the Belmore Park subdivision occurred during the Depression of the 1890s. Apart from perhaps one block facing Burke Road, which is unnumbered in the Mountain View Estate subdivision, the rest must have remained unsold. The later subdivision would redraw the original 18 allotments, creating 22 new lots. In the Locality Plan on the left side of the subdivision plan, Deepdene Station, which formed part of the Outer Circle Railway is represented, as is the location of Deepdene Primary School. A selling point was the proposed extension of the Burke Road tram beyond its terminus at Cotham Road. The extension did not eventuate.