Historical information

Doug ‘Pudden’ Wade
Born: 16/10/1941
From: Horsham
Height: 188cm
Weight: 92kg
Natural kicking foot: Right
Guernsey number: 23
First senior match for Geelong: Round 1, 1961 v Collingwood at Kardinia Park

Regarded by many as Geelong’s greatest ever full-forward, his greatest attributes were determination, fast leading, strong marking and prodigious kicking. Often he was able to score goals with 70-metre torpedo punts. Occasionally he scored from drop-kicks. When in top form he was a most inspiring player. If opponents tried to upset his game with niggling tactics he displayed a fiery aspect of his nature, which kept spectators ‘interested’. He played the forward role like an aggressive defender. Probably his most outstanding performance was a 13-goal effort at the Lake Oval in heavy conditions in 1967. A severe knee injury suffered in an interstate match in 1964 restricted his performances for about two seasons. In his time at Geelong he seemed to perform better as the seasons rolled on. He played in North Melb’s Premiership-winning team in 1975, twelve years after the same achievement with the Cats.

Total Brownlow Medal votes for Geelong: 34
Premiership team selection: 1963
Night/Pre-Season Premiership team selection: 1961
Captain: 22 matches (1971-72)
Club Best & Fairest: 1969
Fifth in club B&F count: 1961
Sixth in club B&F count: 1962 (equal), 1967, 1971
Seventh in club B&F count: 1964, 1972
Tenth in club B&F count: 1966, 1968
Club leading goalscorer: 1961 (51 gls), 1962 (68 gls), 1963 (48 gls), 1964 (41 gls), 1966 (52 gls), 1967 (96 gls), 1968 (64 gls), 1969 (127 gls), 1970 (74 gls), 1971 (94 gls), 1972 (90 gls)
Competition leading goalscorer: 1962, 1967, 1969
Instances of seven goals or more in a match for Geelong: 35
Australian Football Hall of Fame inductee (2000)
GFC Team of the 20th Century selection (full forward)
GFC Hall of Fame inductee (1996)
GFC Hall of Fame Legend
GFC Life Membership (1968)
Career span for Geelong: 1961-72
Total matches for Geelong: Premiership 208, Night/Pre-Season Series 4, Interstate 7
Total goals for Geelong: Premiership 834, Night/Pre-Season Series 11, Interstate 31
Finals matches for Geelong: 12
Finals goals for Geelong: 46
Last senior match for Geelong: Round 22, 1972 v North Melb at Kardinia Park
Transferred to North Melb in 1973

Wayne Closter
Born: 26/02/1945
From: Darley
Height: 180cm
Weight: 81kg
Natural kicking foot: Right
Guernsey number: 1
First senior match: Round 1, 1964 v Melbourne at the MCG

In his first season as a listed player, he was selected in the Reserve Grade 1963 Premiership team. A favorable impression of his ability was created in his debut. He was opposed by Melbourne's Frank 'Bluey' Adams on a wing and out-pointed him convincingly. Initially he played many fine matches as a wingman. Later he moved into the centre where his good form continued. Features of his play were strong marking, good control and excellent kicking. He became one of the greatest ever exponents of kicking ambidextrously, and it became difficult to judge which was his natural kicking foot. National Service training obligations during a number of seasons deprived him of the chance of playing 200 matches and to represent Victoria, however the AFL acknowledged his contribution by inducting him into the 200 club during 2007. From 1977 until 1979 he coached the Reserves before spending 10 seasons as a 3GL/K-Rock football commentator.

Total Brownlow Medal votes: 29
Captain: 1 match (Round 9, 1974 v South Melb at Kardinia Park)
Fourth in club B&F count: 1967, 1971 (equal)
Fifth in club B&F count: 1966
Sixth in club B&F count: 1964, 1968, 1972
Eighth in club B&F count: 1970, 1974
Ninth in club B&F count: 1973
GFC Hall of Fame inductee (2002)
GFC Life Membership (1971)
Career span: 1964-75
Total matches: Premiership 191, Night/Pre-Season Series 2
Total goals: Premiership 72, Night/Pre-Season Series 0
Finals matches: 8
Finals goals: 1
Last senior match: Round 22, 1975 v Fitzroy at Waverley Park

Information provided by Col Hutchinson Geelong Cats Historian

Physical description

Red, slightly deflated Ross Faulkner football. In black on one side of the white laces states - MATCH/Native Brand/ ROSS FAULKNER - with a symbol of figure, and is repeated on the other side states - the football is on a small wooden stand stained dark brown with the text engraved donated by Ross Faulkner - The Football a large player signature on one side in white texta it is believed to be Wayne Closter. There is a signature in pen above the text native on one side of the football by Doug Wade. The football has blue and white ribbons threaded through the laces.

Inscriptions & markings

Signature Doug Wade and Wayne Closter