Historical information

The Melbourne suburb of Kew gained independence from the Boroondara Roads Board in 1860, being declared a Municipality in that year. Kew became a Borough in 1863, a Town in 1910, and a City in 1921. The former City of Kew became part of a newly declared City of Boroondara in 1994. This very fragile document records the following information about streets in Kew - Name, Total Width, Width of Carriageway, Description, Government Gazetted - Year & Page.


While the name of a street was formally acknowledged and published in the Victorian Government Gazettes, this document, compiled by a public officer, probably in the Town Clerk's Department, is the earliest known local record listing street names in the Borough, later Town, then City of Kew. The front page indicates that in 1865, the responsibility for an initial 36 streets in Kew was taken over by Council. The final annotation in the document was made in 1937. The document is an important record for researchers seeking to understand the dating of streets in the district.

Physical description

27-page document compiled by officers of the Borough, Town and City of Kew, listing the names of streets taken over by Council, and providing details of their proportions and gazettiing. The document covers the period of 1865 to 1937.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten document