Historical information

This Guide uniform was worn by Jane Reid when she was a Guide at 6th St Hilary's between 1987 and 1989.

Physical description

The uniform consists of a pale blue blouse, junior navy A-line skirt and navy wool beret with the World Guide badge embroidered on it. The scarf with the Victorian State Badge at the back is a triangle and can be used as a sling or bandage in an emergency. Jane's woggle (a band holding the tie) was made by hand. Some girls made woggles from leather, cord or items from nature such as gumnuts. The leather belt with the Girl Guide buckle bears a metal badge obtained at Britannia Park, the Victorian Guide camping ground at Yarra Junction. Her white lanyard (indicating she was a Patrol Leader) and brown leather pouch are attached to the belt. Metal badges pinned to the collar of the blouse are the World Guide badge on the right and the Guide Trefoil or Promise badge on the left. The tapes on the left sleeve identify the Guide Company, District and Region. Badges on the right sleeve are interest and achievement badges.