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Oral history - Senior Sergeant Joan Paffett and Edna Meadows

From the Collection of Victoria Police Museum Mezzanine Level World Trade Centre Siddeley Street Docklands Victoria

Digital archive of oral history of former police women Joan Paffett and Edna Meadows (nee Fyfe). Cut for exhibition purposes.
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Historical information
Joan Paffett and Edna Meadows (nee Fyfe) are former police women.
Joan Paffett was Senior Sergeant 15275. During her service she supervised other police women, including the all female squad in the early 1970s.
Edna Meadows, registered number 15484, began her career as a nurse but later joined Victoria Police. Both women were the only women in their squads and began their careers with the Women Police Division at Russell St. In this interview they discuss their experiences joining the force and training
When Made
March 2017
Last updated
8 Aug 2017 at 12:34PM