Historical information

Defence records belonging to 400444 John Hudson WILKINSON born 18./2/1914 at Rutherglen. He was a Pharmaceutical Chemist prior to enlisting in the RAAF on 2/9/1940
Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross - citation reads
Pilot Officer Wilkinson is an air gunner of great ability and determination. He has taken part in a large number of operational sorties many of which have been against some of German's most heavily defended targets.
On one occasion in March 1944 when engaged n an attack on Stuttgart a Junkers 88 attacked his aircraft five times but Pilot Officer Wilkinson by his accurate directions to his captain and coolly aimed return fire drove ff the enemy aircraft in a badly damaged condition. At all times his unwavering devotion to duty and constant alertness have inspired confidence in his crew. Killed in battle over Europe on 30/8/1944.

Physical description

White and green folder depicted with a sprig of rosemary above large group of soldiers.

Inscriptions & markings

Defence Service Records
National Archives of Australia