Historical information

Margaret 'Catherine' McVeigh joined the Women's Royal Australian Air Force in 1951, aged 19, discharging at her own request on 10 July 1956. Margaret then joined the Victoria Police Force on 20 June 1956 and served in the Women Police Division. Following the application of the Equal Opportunity Act, Margaret moved to general police duties on 4 January 1979. She was then in charge of No. 3 Division "O" District (Mounted Branch, Police Dog Squad and the Police Horse Stud Farm).

In 1973 Margaret won the Churchill Fellowship award and travelled overseas to study the integration of women into world police forces. She then joined the International Police Association and was issued this identification card.

Margaret was the first female member of the Victoria Police to attain the rank of Chief Inspector and subsequently Superintendent and Chief Superintendent. In August 1988, at the time of her retirement, she was Chief Superintendent in Charge of the Traffic Operations Group.

Physical description

International Police Association identification card belonging to Police Woman Inspector Catherine Margaret McVeigh. Card has blue cover and is unsigned.