Historical information

The streets identified on the survey plan - Cotham Road, Park Hill Road East, Park Hill Road West in Kew were each gazetted by the Victorian Government in 1865. The hand-coloured survey plan was completed by Holland Loxton, Town Clerk and Surveyor of the Borough of Kew from 1866. The unnamed survey plan includes names of land owners in addition to measurements (2 chains to 1 inch) and streets. Named owners include Webster, Payne and Francom which will enable us to narrow down the creation date of the survey.


Handdrawn survey plan by a former surveyor and town clerk of Kew

Physical description

Hand drawn and coloured survey plan created by Holland Loxton, Surveyor and Town Clerk of Kew, showing land owned by Payne in Park Hill Road, Kew. The plan includes street names, land measurements and land owners.