Historical information

The Australian Journal (1865-1962), was founded as a weekly but changed to a monthly in 1869. It included fiction, poetry, shorter pieces and miscellaneous items with popular appeal. The Australian Journal made colonial fiction an important feature, publishing aspiring local authors such as Marcus Clarke, whose convict novel His Natural Life was first serialised from 1870-72. This reprint of the serialisation was made a decade later.


An original print example of the serialisation of a seminal Australian novel.

Physical description

An almost complete set of the Australian Journal from 1881-83, including a reprint of the serialised novel 'His Natural Life' by Marcus Clarke. The issues range from September 1881 (Part 196, September 1881, Vol. XVII) to January 1883 (Part 212, January 1883). In this set of unbound journals, only Part 209, October 1882 is missing.