Historical information

This photograph of Slawa and her sister was taken a few months before Slawa and baby Eva left Vienna, in December 1938. They joined Karl in Switzerland. After leaving Europe, she did not see her sister again for 30 years – years which are documented in the many letters held by the Studio, sent over this time. In 1968 Slawa and Rella met one more time in Paris.


This photograph documents the important relationship between Slawa Horowitz-Duldig and her sister Rella Horowitz, later Laisne. Rella assisted Slawa in the process of developing her invention of the modern foldable umbrella, and hid the family's artworks and furniture, designed by Slawa and the firm of Sigmund Jaray, in her apartment in Paris during the Second World War. It is of historical significance as it documents life in Vienna prior to the Second World War.