Historical information

Supported by volunteers and friends, and with some members accompanied by their guide dogs, the Illawarra Troopers was a drama group for visually impaired people. Their first concert was held in 1977, and the group continued to entertain local audiences for many years.

Illawarra Troopers: a visually impaired drama group (inauguarated 1977)
Members Roll: Geoff Cortous, Dulcie David, Les Littleton, Gladys Downs, Hester Whiteside, Eileen McDonald, Peg Clark, Ralph Chamberlain, Albert Smith, Nora Cooper, Arthur Williams, Pat Baum, Ivy Mallet, Mary Chettle, Ethel Jardine, Peter Tapp, Jack Lambert, John Philipson, Len Hoyle, Rob Archibald, Daisy Stepnell, Neville King, Alice Sloan, Ada de Medici, Eric de Medici, Patricia Harrison, Llona Smith.
Guide Dogs: Inga, Yvette, Igor, Rene, Leonardo.
Producer: Jo Kirtley.
Assistants: Judy Phillips, Val Anderson, Maisie Littleton, Dorothy Nicholls, Florence Mlodawski.
Troopers Theme Song: Words by Olive Foley

Physical description

Picture of wooden board with engraved names of the Illawarra Troopers