Historical information

As one of Geelong's finest forwards, Lloyd Hagger was relatively tall and possessed the ability to take high-flying, spectacular finger-tip marks at chest height as he tumbled over packs. His accurate punt and drop kicks resulted in many goals for the team. He became well known for scoring many acute angle goals. A mobile performer who could kick effectively with either foot, he played with equal effectiveness at centre half-forward and full forward. His durability was remarkable. During his 12 seasons he only missed eight matches. He was never short of a word on the field. - Col Hutchinson GFC Historian

Physical description

Hand drawing on paper card. Drawing of a black cat with one paw holding on to it's bow. At the bottom of the sketch in blue pen states "SKETCH BY LLOYD HAGGER, 1925". Lloyd Hagger was the original artist behind the cats logo and a Geelong player.

Inscriptions & markings