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Film - Lord Somers Camp - Nov 1972

From the Collection of Melbourne Legacy 293 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria

Two 16mm black and white films. One film is wrapped in brown paper. Under the wrapping the film is enclosed in a plasic wrap.
Canister 272mm Dia, Spool 238mmDia, Film W 35mm Film 1 - 470 feet’ Film 2 unkown length.
Object Registration
Historical information
16mm colour no sound - the second B&W workprint not digitised. 13 min 24 sec.
Begins with the flag raising ceremony at Somers Camp and then moves to Westernport Airfield where the boys are seen going for flights in Cessnas whilst others learn archery and play volleyball. Moves on to beach activities and dinghy sailing supervised by Legatees. Back at Somers there is a comic performance of Goldilocks in front of a large audience of younger Junior Legatees and the supervising Legatees, which ends with a bearded Goldilocks being taken away in a police car. A service in the bush chapel is then shown before we see the older boys throwing one of their number off a jetty. A volleyball game completes the film.
There is no indication of date, but the clothes seem to be 60s/70s.

When Made
November 1972
Made By
Melbourne Legacy (Maker)
Film shows clothing worn by children and adults from this era . Depicts the work done by Legacy volunteers in helping Legacy families of the time. Volunteer groups such as Legacy supported those in need at a time when government assistance was much less than it is today.
Inscriptions & Markings
Canister - patterned Agfa _ Gefaert Fine Grain.
'Not to be screened under any circumstances! Only to be handled by an expert with the approprate facilities for handling this type of film' on the brown wrapping paper, probably to keep a good copy.
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