Historical information

Lists all the speakers and some of the guests of honour from the inception of the Melbourne Legacy Club until 1970 when J. Rex Hall retired from the Programme Committee. Includes an unsigned letter from Stan Savige about the work of The Committee.
Records a wide diversity of speakers and guests who attended the weekly Comradeship luncheon at Legacy House in Melbourne.


A record that the speakers at Legacy functions were from very different walks of life and the subjects varied. An unbroken record of Melbourne Legacy Club programme which illustrates social and cultural interests through nearly fifty years.

Physical description

Foolscap hardcover, lined pages with ruled columns, tabbed alphabetically, additional page glued in at the beginning. Dark green plastic covered card cover, taped down the spine with brown plastic tape.
Five loose quarto typed pages inserted: Copies of letter from J. Rex Hall dated March 3 1970, 30/5/63, 20th November 1958, Copy of a letter from Stan Savige dated 20/2/30, Copy of Committee memo dated 12 February 1930.

Inscriptions & markings

On front cover: "The Legacy Club Melbourne Club Guests and Speakers from 1924"
Inside front cover: list of entry dates and ratings
Opposite front cover: "Please redirect to Melbourne Legacy, 293 Swanston St, Melbourne. Thank you. or J.Rex Hall, 1638 Malvern Rd, Glen Iris 256350"