Historical information

Large gathering of widows in an unidentified Botanic Garden listening to Navy and Army bands whilst they chat and drink tea. Some of them have brought flasks whilst others get their tea from an urn. We see one widow taking money from participants. TBC
This film has been digitised to preserve its content. Melbourne Legacy gratefully acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government and Public Record Office Victoria for making this possible.


Legacy providing a venue for widows of deceased ex service personnel and deceased veterans to give them a social outing. Significant in the manner of visual recording of the era, and the social benefit that Legacy provide.

Physical description

A film on a metal spool in a metal canister. Label says it is of a Widows picnic.

Inscriptions & markings

Cannister lid L/Strickland. Senior Widows Garden Picnic, Reels 1&2, running time 12 min (hand written on paper in biro and pencil).
Cannister base 20/9 (written in texta). 22 min 08 sec. 16mm sound no colour.