Historical information

A photo of a group of people at a Stan Savige's property in Balnarring. It appears to be a Legatee function and is the same building that is in the photo at 00398 which says No 7 Legacy Club Somers.
The man standing on the right hand side could be Legatee Stan Savige.
Legatee Savige had a beach side property that he allowed to be used for summer camps and outings by Legacy.
In the early years of Legacy there were camps and picnics. In the 1930s permanent camp buildings were erected.


A record of an early function at Somers and an original building at Somers Camp.

Physical description

Black and white photo of a group of people in the porch of a house.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten on reverse 'I just adore poodle face to the left of your chair. Good old Carlo!!'
Printed 'Kodak Print / B 300 '