Historical information

A humorous post card intended to emulate an official army issued post card used for soldiers to quickly send information home. However the options given on the humorous postcard are contradictory.


Postcards were a very common form of communication in the first World War. Postcards as souvenirs or as correspondence would have been familiar to the first Legatees as they had served in World War 1.

Physical description

Brown card with printed with black text.
Side A
Nothing is to be written on this side unles it is of useful information to the Enemy or your lady friends.
If anything is written on this card it will be destroyed. In any case it will not be forwarded.
I am quite well (?)
I wish I were dead
I am dead
I have been dead for some time
I am not yet shot
I wish I were shot
I hope to be shot
I am shot
The Q.M. has recieved the parcel you sent me
Please forward 5 pounds/ 10 pounds/ 20 pounds/ 50 pounds (strike out the sum not required)
I am in Hospital. She is/is not lovely.
Signature (Must be Embossed)
Date _

Side B
The address only is to be written on this side.
If anything is written on this side the post card will be destroyed.
(Leadswingers Club)

Inscriptions & markings

Pencil markings on side B appear to be numbers used to tally something.