Historical information

A programme from the Annual Demonstration at the Olympic Pool Stadium on 28th and 29th September 1962.
Melbourne Junior Legatees performed at Annual Demonstrations / Parades from 1928 through to the 1980's.
Throughout the year Melbourne Legacy provided classes for Junior Legatees such as dancing, gymnastics and eurythmics, the Demonstration was an annual event to showcase their skills. Melbourne Legacy conducted Annual Demonstrations / Parades from 1928 through to 1979, usually held at Melbourne Town Hall. The beautiful costumes were made by members of the Junior Legacy Mothers' Club and the Melbourne Legacy Wives' Association.


A record of a Junior Legacy Demonstration in 1962.

Physical description

Red folded cardboard programme for the Melbourne Junior Legatees Annual Demonstration held on 28th & 29th September 1962 at the Olympic Pool Stadium.

Inscriptions & markings

Details of Junior Legacy Activities are outlined together with the of the Annual Demonstration.