Historical information

Mug was produced for Legacy to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. It is unknown how many of these mugs were made. It is unlikely they were for fundraising. Perhaps just for Legatees to keep.
Also found reference to it in a newspaper article published 7 December 1953. The article mentions:
Two hundred members and visitors who attended the 30th annual dinner of the Legacy Club in Union House on Saturday night received a pleasant surprise. Each person at the dinner was given a Coronation pint tankard with a figure of the Queen's head on it. The 'surprise' came from a Legatee - Mr H Greenway - a Blackburn pottery manufacturer. They had already produced other mugs for Legacy, including one of Stan Savige.


The item records the importance Legacy placed on the coronation of the new Queen that they commissioned Legacy imprinted commemorative mugs for the occasion.

Physical description

Cream coloured ceramic mug produced to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 11, in 1953.

Inscriptions & markings

Relief portrait of Queen Elizabeth 11 under which is etched Coronation 1953 on the other side is a relief image of the Legacy Torch and Weath of Laurel.
Underside of mug has the manufactures name - E.G. Greenway Pty Ltd.