Historical information

This album of Comradeship activities was compiled by Legatee Fred Holdsworth. It contains photographs, newspaper cuttings and ephemera relating to various “Comradeship” activities (social gatherings) held throughout the 1970s and early 1980s.


The Comradeship photo album was put together by the Comradeship committee and records events that Legatees did and places they lived or visited. Some appear to be trips to visit other Legatees living overseas and social occasions held in different places. It shows the bond that Legatees have with each other.

Physical description

Brown vinyl photo album. The front cover is embellished with a double gold border. The album contains thirty pages bearing both colour and black and white photographs as well as newspaper clippings from various “Comradeship” events during the 1970s and 1980s.

Inscriptions & markings

Inside cover - “A record of Comradeship activities / Fred Holdsworth” ? First page - “AT CRUDEN PARK / 15 May 1977” Third page - “CHAMP THE KITE MAN” Fourth page - “THE SHRINE 1977” / “THE CHAMP” / “REX” Fifth page - “Lorna Grimwade/ + Wal Escott/ at Noosa Heads, Q. / 6/10/79” Sixth page - “Max Armstrong, Rex Hall, Harry Burton, Warren Hardy” Seventh page - “Numurkah Annual 1978” / “ANZAC Night 1973” Eighth page - “STANHOPE 1979” Ninth page - “THE CHRISTMAS CHORISTERS at CHAUCERS CANTERBURY 1979.” / “FEARLESS FREDS FAMOUS FOLLIES. CHOIRMASTER. Reg Thomson. CHORISTERS. Rob Allison. Bruce Hall. Les Patch. Bill Seager. David Syme. Ron Austin. / M.C. Fred Holdsworth.” Tenth page - “ALEXANDRA YEA / ~ / FEBRUARY 1978” Eleventh page - “COMRADESHIP HIERARCHY 1979 / HAROLD BERG / DEP CHAIRMAN / JOHN COOPER / CHAIRMAN / FRED HOLDSWORTH / TREASURER” Twelfth page - “ANZAC NIGHT / ~ / 1980” Eighteenth page - “ANZAC NIGHT - 1981” Nineteenth page - “ANZAC NIGHT -1981” Twenty Second - “THIS IS YOUR LIFE / 1981 comradeship/ christmas party”