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From the Collection of Melbourne Legacy 293 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria

Black and white photo of Judith Bishop and Janine Hunt standing side-by-side wearing very elaborate floor-length dresses.
220 x 150 mm
Object Registration
junior legatee, annual demonstration
Historical information
Junior Legatees Judy Bishop (on the left) and Jeanine Shinners (Hunt) dressed for an Annual Demonstration performance. They were taught by Miss E. Domec-Carre and went on to become soloists and then assistants at Girls' Classes. Jeanine later became an active Legatee with SE Group.
This photo provides just one example of the beautiful costumes worn by Junior Legacy girls for Legacy's Annual Demonstrations at the Melbourne Town Hall. Throughout the year Melbourne Legacy provided classes for Junior Legatees such as dancing, gymnastics and eurythmics, the Demonstration was an annual event to showcase their skills. Melbourne Legacy conducted Annual Demonstrations / Parades from 1928 through to the late 1970's, usually held at Melbourne Town Hall or Olympic Pool Stadium. The beautiful costumes were made by members of the Junior Legacy Mothers' Club and the Melbourne Legacy Wives' Association. Whilst the cost to Legacy was very small, the quality of the work produced was truly professional.
This photograph is of historical and social significance as it serves as photographic evidence of the work that the Legacy Wives' Association and Junior Legacy Mothers' Club produced over the years.
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