Historical information

From the labels and note this is a film of a Fashion Parade held by Legacy for fund-raising purposes. It was recorded by the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) and the film given to Legacy. The full details are not known except it was held on 24 July 1967 as this film has not been watched.
Melbourne Legacy has held many events through the years including gala performances of films and gown of the year events in the 1950s.


A record that Legacy held many events over the years to promote Legacy, to fundraise or to showcase the organisation (such as in the Annual Demonstrations).

Physical description

Film in a cardboard box with title Fashion Parade 1967.

Inscriptions & markings

Cardboard box, Fashion Parade 1967 (written with blue ball point pen).
Paper inscription, 'With the complements of the Australian Broadcasting Commision'.
Film, B.C. TV No NKV1442, date 24-7-67, subject Fashion Parade, ftge dur D 7/8