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Sound Recording - City of Kew 1860-1960: Centenary Addresses / [by] The Right Hon RG Menzies & Cr WHS Dickinson, 1960

From the Collection of Kew Historical Society Inc 1 Civic Drive Kew Victoria

City of Kew Centenary 1860-1960
Speeches by The Hon RG Menzies, MHR for Kew, and Cr WHS Dickinson, Mayor of Kew.
Recorded on 13th December 1960 at the Kew City Hall
34 minutes 29 seconds
From the archives of the Kew Historical Society Inc
Copyright Kew Historical Society Inc

00.14-17.00 The Right Hon RG Menzies MHR
17.07-32.33 Cr. WHS Dickinson
32.38-33.10 The Right Hon RG Menzies MHR
33.30-33.50 Cr. WHS Dickinson
33.51-34.25 Song - 'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow'
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city of kew, centenary of kew 1860-1960, robert gordon menzies, william henry shorey dickinson, bill burrell, mayors of kew, town clerks of kew, australian prime ministers, australian democracy
Historical information
The Centenary commemoration of the City of Kew was held in the new Kew City Hall, and attended by invited guests, including the Australian Prime Minister, The Right Hon. RG Menzies, MHR for Kew; Arthur Rylah; and the Mayor, Cr WHS Dickinson.
When Made
This reel-to-reel tape, now digitised, is both rare (ie unique) and historically significant. While the recording clearly has local significance, it is also of national and international significance due to the content of the Prime Minister's address. The focus of his speech is the nature of Australian democracy and its strengths, deriving from universal suffrage and the acceptance of democratic values by the Australian population, gained through historic participation in democracy at local, state and federal levels. RG Menzies mounts a strong case for each level of government having value in the development of Australian democracy. He also describes the emerging democracies of Africa in the period following decolonisation, and suggests that the success of these countries is dependent on democratic institutions not being imposed from above by colonial powers.
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