Historical information

Letter to the Trustees outlining the outcomes of a recent meeting, as the minute book was unable to be located. Below is a summary of the letter.

The death of W.H. Paterson is mentioned and the recommendation to the Committee that the clubhouse by named in his honour was unanimously accepted, however requires the agreement of the Trustees.
The remainder of the letter covers the past five years.
The Victorian Association of Blind Cricketers are requesting the erection of a shelter shed and scoring boxes. Complaints have been received about horses using the park, which have been passed to Malvern Council who advise they have also received similar complaints from the general public. A fence is required but a lack of finance has delayed this action. The Clubhouse is being used for more activities including a dance class, indoor bowling club, pottery and craft work, therefore a new switchboard and rewiring were completed.
In October 1955, the State Government offered funding through local councils, however despite a representation to the Minister, the Malvern Council were not willing to expend funds to the Association as they had committed to build an Elderly Citizens Club.
A large signboard was repainted and a new signboard erected at the front entrance, along with a light controlled by a clock.
The Clubhouse has also been used one night per month by the local branch of the RSL and occasional use by the Teachers College for inter College sports.
There has been cooperation with the L.T.A.V. (Lawn Tennis Association of Victoria) during tennis championships, and although the Committee recognise the need to do more with the area, the impending homes been built at Ballarat and Bendigo have been a limited factor.
Signed by J.W. Wilson

Physical description

3 pages of type letter on letterhead

Inscriptions & markings

Association for the Advancement of the Blind, Under the Distinguished Patronage of His Excellency the Governor of Victoria and Lady Brooks
Founded 1895 (image of shining lantern) Incorporated 1944
10-12 Queen Street, Melbourne, C.1. Phone: MU 4189 MU 1955
Homes at:
Brighton Beach Windsor Ballarat Bendigo

On the left hand side of the page:
President: Bruce Small, Esq.
Vice President: Hubert Opperman, O.B.E.
Treasurer: W.J.S. Horsfall, F.C.A.
Secretary: J.W. Wilson

To promote the welfare of the Blind intellectually, physically and socially.
To grant financial assistance in cases of necessity.
To provide Homes and Hostels of an undenominational character for the Blind.
To visit the Blind.
To care for the adult Blind, especially the aged and infirm.

Donations will be subject to the concessional allowances provided by the Income Tax Act.

At the base of the page: Homes and help for aged blind