Historical information

Letter reads as follows:
M.A. Aston Estate
To enable me to completed the Declaration required by the Commonwealth Bank please let me have: -
1. Full names of Messrs, Paterson and Worrall
2. Amount of stock held
Yours truly,
V.S. Hollow

Handwritten in blue pen at top: Bickford Trust
Handwritten in black pen at base: 12.15pm
Stamped at base: 16 Feb 1951

A carbon copy of the response reads:
16th February 1951

Mr V.S. Hollow, M.A., LL.B.,
140 Queen Street
Melbourne C1

Dear Sir,
M.A. Aston Estate
Your letter dated 20th December was hand delivered to me at 12.15 today.
In answer thereto, I have to advise:
1. Mr Paterson is William Henry Paterson. Mr Worrall is Albert Victor Worrall.
2. The stock comprises two blocks 300 (pounds) and 200 (pounds) totalling 500 (pounds).
Yours faithfully,

General Secretary

Physical description

1 white page and 1 blue page (cc)

Inscriptions & markings

In top left hand corner:
V.S. Hollow, M.A., LL.B.
Solicitor, etc.
Commissioner for Affidavits,
High Court, Vic., Qld.,
Sth A., W.A., Tas., NZ.
Telephones: Office MU 1926, Private XA 1933

On the right hand corner:
140-146 Queen Street,
Melbourne, C1