Historical information

The GE12 Electric Kettle was designed by Barry Hudson for General Electric and in 1978 won the Australian Design and the Prince Philip Prize awards for Australian Design. The kettle was innovative in many ways; it was an early example of an all plastic electric kettle with a single-handed opening-spout. According to design historian Ian Wong ‘The use of an integral hinge for the spout opening mechanism utilised the unique live hinge property of polypropylene, now common but at the time a novel use and very efficient to manufacture.’ The kettle was available in Carpentaria Orange, Blaze Yellow and Lime Green with a contrasting base.

Barry Hudson (1935-2008) studied Mechanical Engineering at the Melbourne Technical College (MTC). In the 1970s he was Research and Development Manager at General Electric, and he also worked with the industrial design practice Rosenfeldt, Gherardin and Associates. He established Barry Hudson Industrial Design in the 1980s and began a teaching career at the former MTC, now known as RMIT University.

Ann Carew, 2020


1978 the Kettle won an Australian Design Award and the Prince Philip Prize for Australian Design.

Physical description

Orange and brown electric kettle