Historical information

A collection of addresses on the "Labour Question": I. Labour and Capital II. The Nine Hours Movement III. Wages in 1873 IV. Public Elementary Education in the United States V. The Duties of the Church in Relation to the Labour Question VI. Co-operative Production VII. The South Wales Colliery Strike VIII. On the Influences Affecting the Price of Labour in England at the Present Time IX. On Canada and the United States X. Work and Wages in 1877 XI. Labour at Home and Abroad XII. On the Comparative Efficiency of English and Foreign Labour XIII. On the Rise of Wages in the Building Trades of London Appendices


Relevant to the history of workplace relations and conditions in the US, Canada and UK.

Physical description

Hardcover, book; no dustjacket; 336 pages. Cover: brown cloth/paper; black decorative banner; gold lettering on spine.

Inscriptions & markings

Spine: title, author's and publisher's name. Inside cover: Ballaarat East Public Library regulations; the book has been designated number 53; writing in blue and grey pencil - illegible; stamped in red, "CANCELLED". Title page: Ballarat East Public Library stamp (black).