Historical information

Photo of a group of people on a picnic rug at Somers Camp in 1940. Melbourne Legacy provided camps for junior legatees - the children of deceased servicemen. It started in the early years of Legacy with outings to the property of Legacy founder, Legatee Stan Savige, who had a place in Balnarring. Permanent camp buildings were built in the 1930s and with an association with Lord Somers (Governor of Victoria) it was called Somers Camp. The camps gave the children an opportunity of a summer beach holiday with other Legacy children.


A photograph of Stan Savige at Somers Camp.

Physical description

Black and white photo of Stan Savige at Somers Camp 1940.

Inscriptions & markings

"Norman Smith ILC" in blue pen and "Stan Savige at Somers Camp just before his departure with 17th Bde 1940" in pencil on reverse.